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Cloud computing has arrived with a "Big Bang" affecting the traditional business model of IT industry. Businesses of every size are experimenting, investigating and adopting cloud computing for a variety of applications and services. The buzzword "Cloud" is particularly appealing to Technology Companies as part of the core IT and business strategy and yet requires substantial time to identify and suitably appraise opportunities that cloud technology represents. Developing an effective turn key strategy can be a great challenge within a multifaceted organization.

For example, the internal Technology division in an organization might be challenged to substantiate senior management buy-in for adopting cloud computing as it requires some careful consideration, planning and development around people, process and technology before organization adoption. A significant amount of risk factor and implication are injected into the organizations long-term vision and strategy. Moreover, many companies have limited knowledge and expertise in this field and thus are unsure of how they should proceed.

Manjrasoft’s Global Services in Cloud Computing is backed up by the immense knowledge and hands on experience in distributed computing systems and cloud technology. Our Founder & CEO, Dr Rajkumar Buyya personally leads the R&D team – CLOUDS Lab at the University of Melbourne. He has co-authored over 300 research papers/publications and has received several awards such as "2009 IEEE Medal of Excellence in Scalable Computing" and "Distinguished Service Award" from IEEE Computer Society, USA. Manjrasoft team has expertise in building solutions for enterprise or public Cloud computing.

Manjrasoft Consultancy Services As developers of innovative Cloud computing technology we can propose solutions and technologies, we can help you to analyze, plan and develop your IT organization from a Cloud perspective. We conduct readiness assessments and submit diagnostic evaluations reports which include recommendations on how you could fully leverage the benefits of Cloud technology and its applications and finally deliver a roadmap for cloud adoption to transform your business.

In a nut shell, we help you embrace technology changes efficiently for your organization and help you reap commercial benefits and faster technology adoption.

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