For Accelerating 3D Rendering results, Aneka speeds development, deployment and execution time by hiding away the complexity and making it easy.

How we accelerate Development and Deployment:

  1. Rapid Deployment includes support of Parameter Sweep using Design Explorer Tool. Parameter sweep takes existing applications that are controlled by a set of parameters passed as a command line and produces multiple distributed executions of the same application with different parameter sets.
  2. Building on-top of Microsoft .NET framework allows multiple programming languages to be supported, thereby making it faster to get existing applications running.
  3. Develop Application once and run in multiple environments simultaneously. Support for Multiple Run-time environments saves you time in programming your applications. Aneka supports Virtual Machine and Physical hardware in private and public networks.
  4. Optimized for networked multi-core computers, Aneka effectively virtualizes your application which allows you to harness the power of multiple computers for the same workload. This gives you results in near real-time allowing you to make faster decisions.
  5. Aneka Scheduler allows you to run multiple applications on same Run-time environment either concurrently (simultaneously) or in a queue arrangement.