May 17-20, 2010, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Accepted paper list
 (main conference only)
# Title Topics Authors
1 SAQA :A Self-Adaptive QoS-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Tasks on Heterogeneous Clusters Algorithms Xiaomin Zhu
2 Streamflow – Programming Model for Data Streaming in Scientific Workflows Programming Models and Systems Chathura Herath , Beth Plale
3 Methodology for Efficient Execution of SPMD Applications on Multicore Environments Performance Modeling and Evaluation Ronal Muresano , Dolores Rexachs , Emilio Luque
4 A Realistic Integrated Model of Parallel System Workloads Performance Modeling and Evaluation Minh Tran , Lex Wolters , Dick Epema
5 The Effects of Untruthful Bids on User Utilities and Stability in Computing Markets Performance Modeling and Evaluation Sergei Shudler, Lior Amar, Amnon Barak and Ahuva Mu'alem
6 Remote Process Execution and Remote File I/O for Heterogeneous Processors in Cluster Systems Programming Models and Systems Masaaki Shimizu , Akinori Yonezawa
7 Distributed Diskless Checkpoint for Large Scale Systems Middleware/Runtime Leonardo Bautista Gomez , Naoya Maruyama , Franck Cappello , Satoshi Matsuoka
8 FIRE: A File Reunion Based Data Replication Strategy for Data Grids Performance Modeling and Evaluation Abdul Abdurrab , Tao Xie
9 Runtime Energy Adaptation with Low-impact Instrumented code in Power-scalable Cluster System Algorithms Hideaki Kimura , Takayuki Imada , Mitsuhisa Sato
10 Dynamic Load-Balanced Multicast for Data-Intensive Applications on Clouds Algorithms Tatsuhiro Chiba , Mathijs den Burger , Thilo Kielmann , Satoshi Matsuoka
11 Profit-driven Service Request Scheduling in Clouds Algorithms Young Choon Lee , Chen Wang , Albert Zomaya , Bing-Bing Zhou
12 An Adaptive Data Prefetcher for High-Performance Processors Programming Models and Systems Yong Chen , Xian-He Sun
13 Representing eager evaluation in a demand driven model of streams on cloud infrastructure Programming Models and Systems Paul Martinaitis , Andrew Wendelborn
14 Region-Based Prefetch Techniques for Software Distributed Shared Memory Systems Middleware/Runtime Jie Cai , Peter Strazdins , Alistair Rendell
15 An evaluation of the benefits of fine-grained value-based scheduling on general purpose clusters Performance Modeling and Evaluation Ruben Van den Bossche , Kurt Vanmechelen , Jan Broeckhove
16 ERGOT: A Semantic-based System for Service Discovery in Distributed Infrastructures Middleware/Runtime Giuseppe Pirrò , Paolo Trunfio , Domenico Talia , Paolo Missier , Carole Goble
17 Discovering Linear Models of Grid Load Performance Modeling and Evaluation Tamas Elteto , Ceclie Germain-Renaud , Pascal Bondon
18 A Proximity-Based Self-Organizing Framework for Service Composition and Discovery Algorithms Carlo Mastroianni , Agostino Forestiero , Giandomenico Spezzano , Giuseppe Papuzzo
19 Dynamic TTL-Based Search In Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Algorithms Imen Filali , Fabrice Huet
20 Identification, modelling and prediction of non-periodic bursts in workloads Performance Modeling and Evaluation Mario Lassnig , Thomas Fahringer , Vincent Garonne , Angelos Molfetas , Miguel Branco
21 Exploring the Potential of Using Multiple e-Science Infrastructures with Emerging Open Standards-based e-Health Research Tools Applications Morris Riedel , Bernd Schuller , Michael Rambadt , Shahbaz Memon , Shiraz Memon , Achim Streit , Felix Wolf , Thomas Lippert , Dieter Kranzlmüller , Stefan Zasada , Steven Manos , Peter Coveney
22 Bandwidth Allocation for Iterative Data-dependent e-Science Applications Algorithms Eun-Sung Jung , Sanjay Ranka , Sartaj Sahni
23 Granularity-Aware Work-Stealing for Computational Grids Middleware/Runtime Vladimir Janjic , Kevin Hammond
24 Designing Accelerator-Based Distributed Systems for High Performance Programming Models and Systems M. Mustafa Rafique , Ali Butt , Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
25 A Map-Reduce System with an Alternative API for Multi-Core Environments Applications Wei Jiang , Vignesh Ravi , Gagan Agrawal
26 Cache Performance Optimization for Processing XML-based Application Data on Multi-core Processors Applications Rajdeep Bhowmik , Madhusudhan Govindaraju
27 Elastic Site: Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources Middleware/Runtime Paul Marshall , Kate Keahey , Timothy Freeman
28 Efficient On-demand Connection Management Mechanisms with PGAS Models on InfiniBand Programming Models and Systems Abhinav Vishnu , Manojkumar Krishnan
29 On-demand Overlay Networks for Large Scientific Data Transfers Applications Lavanya Ramakrishnan , Chin Guok , Keith Jackson , Ezra Kissel , Martin Swany , Deborah Agarwal
30 WORKEM: Representing and Emulating Distributed Scientific Workflow Execution State Middleware/Runtime Lavanya Ramakrishnan , Dennis Gannon , Beth Plale
31 An MPI-Stream Hybrid Programming Model for Computational Clusters Programming Models and Systems Emilio Mancini , Gregory Marsh , Dhabaleswar Panda
32 Availability Prediction Based Replication Strategies for Grid Environments Algorithms Brent Rood , Michael Lewis
33 Towards Energy Aware Scheduling for Precedence Constrained Parallel Tasks in a Cluster Applications Lizhe Wang , Jai Dayal
34 The Failure Trace Archive: Enabling Comparative Analysis of Failures in Diverse Distributed Systems Performance Modeling and Evaluation Derrick Kondo , Bahman Javadi , Alexandru Iosup , Dick Epema
35 On the use of machine learning to predict the time and resources consumed by applications Performance Modeling and Evaluation Andrea Matsunaga , Jose Fortes
36 Experiments with Memory-to-Memory Coupling for End-to-End Fusion Simulation Workflows Middleware/Runtime Ciprian Docan , Fan Zhang , Manish Parashar , Julian Cummings , Norbert Podhorszki , Scott Klasky
37 FaReS: Fair Resource Scheduling for VMM-bypass Infiniband Devices Performance Modeling and Evaluation Adit Ranadive , Ada Gavrilovska , Karsten Schwan
38 Enabling Instantaneous Relocation of Virtual Machines with a Lightweight VMM Extension Middleware/Runtime Takahiro Hirofuchi , Hidemoto Nakada , Satoshi Itoh , Satoshi Sekiguchi
39 An Analysis of Traces from a Production MapReduce Cluster Applications Soila Pertet , Jiaqi Tan , Rajeev Gandhi , Priya Narasimhan
40 Towards Autonomic Service Provisioning Systems Middleware/Runtime Michele Mazzucco
41 ConnectX2 InfiniBand Management Queues: New support for Network Offloaded Collective Operations Middleware/Runtime Richard Graham , Stephen Poole , Pavel Shamis , Gil Bloch , Noam Boch , HIllel Chapman , Michael Kagan , Arial Shahar , Ishai Rabinovitz , Gilad Shainer
42 Scalable communication trace compression Performance Modeling and Evaluation Sriram Krishnamoorthy , Khushbu Agarwal
43 EGSI: TGKA based Security Architecture for Group Communication in Grid Algorithms Rajesh Ingle , G. Sivakumar
44 An Effective Architecture for Automated Appliance Management System Applying Ontology-Based Cloud Discovery Applications Amir Vahid Dastjerdi , Sayed Gholam Hassan Tabatabaei , Rajkumar Buyya
45 Energy Minimization of DVFS-enabled processors in HPCS by Linear Combinations of Processor Frequencies Algorithms Nikzad Babaii
46 Enhanced Paxos Commit for Transactions on DHTs Algorithms Florian Schintke , Alexander Reinefeld , Seif Haridi , Thorsten Schuett
47 A Bi-Criteria Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Task Graphs on Clusters Algorithms Frederic Desprez , Frederic Suter
48 High Performance Dimension Reduction and Visualization for Large High-dimensional Data Analysis Applications Jong Youl Choi , Seung-Hee Bae , Xiaohong Qiu , Geoffrey Fox
49 Low-Cost Tuning of Two-Step Algorithms for Scheduling Mixed-Parallel Applications onto Homogeneous Clusters Algorithms Sascha Hunold
50 SAGA BigJob: An Extensible and Interoperable Pilot-Job Abstraction for Distributed Applications and Systems Middleware/Runtime Shantenu Jha , Andre Luckow
51 Efficient Runtime Environment for Coupled Multi-Physics Simulations: Dynamic Resource Allocation and Load-Balancing Applications Shantenu Jha , Soon-Heum Ko